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A place only we know...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Bitter and cold I felt the tombstone at my feet.
Calmness drifts over my whole being as I watch you decline.
Fall into the leaves and feel the breath in you come to life.
We can run as far as our legs will carry us away.
As we come crashing down, toppling into the world of darkness.
A whisper in the dark before the light goes out for good.
Goodnight my angel, sleep now my beloved all is well.
Rest your eyes my darling and I'll see you someday soon.
Don't forget to remember me when you see the pearly gates.
It's hard down here all by myself without your love.
Goodnight, fair thee well, and goodnight angel.

Current mood: gloomy
morbid minds think alike

Friday, September 16, 2005

2:22PM - Today

Today I lost my heart.
Today I came apart.
Today I thought of the dead.
Today I lost my head.
Today I seperated from myself.
Today I left the picture on the shelf.
Today I lost the will to go on.
Today I watched the dusk turn into dawn.
Today I watched the sun fade.
Today I sat down in the shade.
Today I saw the shadows fall.
Today I have become nothing at all.

Current mood: blank
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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

11:33PM - Devon and I

Stories are as they always were and just meaningless words
For those who fail to understand that which makes us unseperatable
Not death nor person nor life could ever tear us from eachother
They don't see what makes all others starling and beautiful
They don't understand the words we sing when we hurt inside
Don't seem to recognize the painful cry that only we dare to hear
We hear it, yes, we hear it because we understand the built up anger
Daily nonsense that adds up to a lifetime of issues that never cease
Fallen down but I'll be there to help you right back up and hate arises
It isn't all as what it seems and the ache inside grows of a new breed
Escape, oh God, monsterous craving the dead call from their graves
Shallow, hollow and only themselves to keep company of a sad inventation
Tear off the skin and pick at the scabs if it helps you to bleed
Hurt expelled from the inside transforms me, consumes me I only know hate
Fallen angel caught the heart of my broken soul and I feel almost whole
Take my name and carve it in that place that only we seem to know
Take me to that place where we are safe to be on our own and become free
All this pain I'd glady take away from you my dearest friend and I say
Hang on to the life you know which hangs only by a silken thread
Hang on for me for my sanity because you make life mean so much more
They don't understand and perhaps they never will because they are blind
But you and I, me and you we have eachother to wear away the heartache
Misery blackens full hearts of dying passion and soon the light is lost
All is lost and nothing is right but I can't seem to find reason to die
Graves calling not inticing and far from looking comforting all alone
Sit, think, listen, learn and open your eyes to the whole new world of us

Current mood: moody
morbid minds think alike

Sunday, September 11, 2005

8:57PM - A poem perhaps?


Dark gloomier days have frayed apon my broken soul in this place I cannot live but die,
A kiss of death that is served by your posioned lips which speak the lies that kill me.
Oh tell me dark angel that makes the dark that taints my heart what it is you yearn,
Plastic world and our love hung out in the window for display to be molested and murdered.
Fuck me and leave me for dead as the skin peels and the needles poke I die a little more,
Lose myself with each little word and as they roll from your tongue I feel the torment begin.
I cannot escape the words as they fall clear and crisp like autumn leaves and yet they appeal,
My senses are numbed and I cannot tell I am heading for my own doom of pleasurable hate.
Pleasure from a curse that kills the life I have left inside and cannot find the one I lost,
I cannot even look into the mirror which shows that girl with the poisoned eyes.
Not a razorblade or gun could ever end the misery you create my murderous love,
The one I lost was myself and she can't be found by simple words spoken so uncleary.
She lost her way like all do from time to time, she walked away as I stood in the gloom,
She died that day and I watched as she fell, I let her die as she screamed out to me for help.
I fell gently the night you ripped out my heart and I died the silent death as many have before,
Suffering that start in the inside and eats through your heart to the core of your life and all dies.

Current mood: complacent
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